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 I’ll tell you:

The first character I first fell in love with: 
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: 
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: 
The character I love that everyone else hates: 
The character I used to love but don’t any longer:
The character I would totally smooch: 
The character I’d want to be like: 
The character I’d slap: 
A pairing that I love:
A pairing that I despise: 




Haikyuu × Tokyo Ghoul

Tsukishima makes a good ghoul

Actually so does Kageyama.


Eren & Jean (Muscle version) in Hangeki no Tsubasa!

Oh my…


what happened this time

As apparently is required every Comic Con they just felt the need to remind people how little they care about and how much they like mocking the people who enjoy a thing they do.

From lariren-shadow: “So pulpofiction asked Bryan about Makorra and Asami and he said “every relationship is important, we care about every character… Except we don’t care about tahno””

It’s literally just him reminding us about how little he cares about how, how little he thinks of us, how much we don’t matter because the part of his show we got invested in doesn’t matter.

I’m at the point with the show and Mike and Bryan as creators where I’m just like, why get invested when you know they’re mocking you.

I feel sorry for how badly LOK is getting mismanaged by Nickelodeon, but I do not feel sorry at all for them because they’re just bullies who think they can do no wrong, think their ~ingenious brilliant narratives~ are just misunderstood by “stupid silly girls”.

They’re just bullies, and I don’t care if he was trying to joke about it, not when they take even the slightest joking about Mako as hyperbolic criticism from “kids who don’t know what the real world is like”.

tagged with: x honestly I'm so fucking done with this show x that's the worst thing you can do as a creator x to disregard a good portion of your fanbase for like a character x that you deem unimportant enough to demote him to being a tagling of a joke x excuse fucking me x even though I have never been in a relationship x I know fucking enough that the real world doesn't fuckiing function as your shit of a show x the writing is a fucking joke x the canon relationships are fucking joke x the only character I care about from this fucking joke of a show is tahno x BECAUSE HE'S THE ONLY ONE WHO ACTUALLY ACTS LIKE A FUCKING HUMAN BEING x everybody else is has flaws but due to bryke's magical divine power those flaws get solved in one episode x poof your problems and flaws are solved and now you're a fucking perfect human being that everybody will love x this show shouldn't even be called a sequel to avatar the last airbender because it's a fucking disgrace x yes the animation and character design are amazing x BUT if the story elements and writing are absolute shit the rest mean nothing x what's the point of making a show or movie for that matter if you don't have compelling story or character elements x legend of korra had so much potential and now it's just shit x it's like James Cameron's Avatar movie x it's visually very pleasing but if you really look at the story x it's nothing but recycled tropes and plot devices that do nothing x they don't challenge boundaries nor do they compel the viewer to think and ask questions x it all boils down to what are you trying to say and what are you trying to get out of your viewers x where's the fun in making something if you're only doing it for the money x make stuff that make people ask questions they've never asked before x and don't make the excuse that this is suppose to be a kid's show x children are just as and if not more intelligent than adults x they can understand complex concepts when executed in the right manner x why do you think studio ghibli is so successful among both children and adults? x it's because they're treated equally through the eyes of the story via · source


what do you mean how do i feel

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Why Guys Like Asian Girls - Anna Akana

Everyone needs to watch this video. Now.

100% on point especially about men thinking that having “yellow fever” is a compliment and we’re supposed to be flattered by it. It’s the #1 way to parade around your blatant racism.





This is something that was bugging me a little bit so, as always, I’ve decided to make an infograph. 

Maybe other artists disagree, but when I ask for a request, it’s a fun game. You give me a suggestion and I build on it. It’s a team project. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

If your request takes longer than 3 sentences to describe, it’s not a request. It’s a commission. It’s something so specific, the artist will essentially be working for your specific scene for free.

And of course - DO NOT REQUEST THAT AN ARTIST DRAW YOU SOMETHING if you don’t see that they are specifically accepting requests.

People have been requesting free art from us our whole lives. We’ve had plenty of that. If we want to draw you free stuff, we’ll let ya know. Don’t just assume we have free time - just like you wouldn’t come up to a doctor at a grocery store and ask them to examine your twisted ankle.

Unless you’re a person who does that… in which case… don’t do that either.

I’d like to remind people that this goes for writing requests, too.

And if an artist or writer has a list of “what I do/don’t do” then please respect that.

i’d also like to add that artists and writers have a right to deny requests they feel uncomfortable filling, for any reason. please don’t get mad at them, especially if no money is involved.

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The Godzilla Sequel Will Feature Mothra, Rodan And King Ghidorah!



Straight from Comic-Con, Legendary Films has announced that Godzilla 2 will be happening, and piling on the classic kaiju — including Godzilla’s pals Mothra and Rodan, as well as his three-headed archenemy King Ghidorah! 

Can’t. Wait.

Mulan Teaches Us to “Be a Man” … Until You Have to be a Woman








And the more I think about it, the more real it becomes. Mulan spends virtually the whole movie concealing her sex, but projecting her physical and mental prowess all while having to listen to locker-room talk that depicts women as subservient and passive (most prevalent in all the musical numbers) – and for the audience, this is a great source of humor and dramatic irony. What resolves this irony in the end is that Mulan leads the effort that defeats the Huns and saves the emperor and China; therefore, she overcomes gender stereotypes and proves the worth of women in a society that demeans their existence to nothing more than child-bearing and domestic servitude.

Or rather, this might resolve the irony if she accepted the importance and validity of her actions. But instead, Mulan declines the emperor’s offer for her to live in the palace and consult with him in making significant military decisions; she opts to return to her domestic lifestyle because she’s “been away from home long enough.” She’s had her fill of adventure and showing her capabilities, now it’s time to go home where she can return to normalcy and forget her vocational hiatus. When Mulan sees her father at home, he lovingly welcomes her back into the family; she gives him the only tokens she has of her deeds as if to say, “Here, daddy, take my sword and medal – I don’t need them anymore considering the fact that I’m done playing dress-up and am ready to take my rightful place in society. And, after all, you’re the patriarch; it’s only right that I hand over my symbols of dominance to you!”

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“When Mulan sees her father at home, he lovingly welcomes her back into the family; she gives him the only tokens she has of her deeds as if to say, “
Here, daddy, take my sword and medal – I don’t need them anymore considering the fact that I’m done playing dress-up and am ready to take my rightful place in society. And, after all, you’re the patriarch; it’s only right that I hand over my symbols of dominance to you!””

Aaaand this is what you get when you view asian myths and characters from a western perspective. Filial piety and respect becomes submission and deference. Throwing us under the bus and saying we’re weak because they don’t understand our culture. Smh.

Don’t make our stories about something they’re not. Mulan was never meant to be your girl power, stickin’ it to the world, white feminist hero and I don’t appreciate such liberties being taken with her.

#hah remember when white feminists were all over mako mori because they didn’t get the concept of filial piety?#yeah

Ugh yeah I get pissed off by that. And the thing is, that this kind of display of filial piety is SO FAR REMOVED from ‘submissive femininity’, because it’s usually the son’s role.

Um?? Mulan does accept the validity of her actions: she takes back the tokens — the sword and the medal — home to bring honor and glory to the family name. Which is something that someone mentioned above, typically the duty of a son.

Also, like, it would actually be out of character if she stayed with the emperor at the end because that’s not filial piety. And Mulan is nothing if not the ultimate story of filial piety, and filial piety does not mean deference and submissiveness. It’s love, respect, and honor to the parents. It’s appreciating them for bringing you into this world and raising you and respecting them. 

Like, in the beginning, she wants to be a good bride because she doesn’t want to disappoint her parents and family. She goes to war because she wants to save her father’s life. She declines the emperor’s offer and goes home because she misses her parents and doesn’t want to worry and upset them more. You’re completely misreading the ending scene if you think it’s her being submissive: it’s not ‘daughter giving symbols of her deeds of valor and worth to patriarch’. It’s ‘daughter gives symbols of her filial piety to father’. Also it’s her father acknowledging her deeds and saying that he’s so proud of her and loves her. And he doesn’t really care that she saved China. He’s touched that she risked her life to save his. 

In essence —- FUCK WHITE FEMINISM AND THEIR WESTERN LENSES ON ASIAN CULTURE. Stop shitting on Mulan and saying it isn’t feminist or revolutionary just because you don’t understand it. 

Also, my fellow Asian feminists should watch the opera version of Mulan because it’s riddled with a bunch of awesome symbols and it’s super feminist and revolutionary and beautiful and I 10/10 recommend. You can find it on Youtube I think. I remember looking up Mulan Ge Zai Xi when I was 13 and watching it in its entirety and being in complete awe. 

I need all white feminists who want to judge Mulan for not being feminist enough to stop giving a shit about the Disney version and actually look to the source.

Look for other takes on Mulan, BY CHINESE PEOPLE. Look at Lady General Hua Mulan. She goes home to her family and takes up being a woman again. Look at Hua Mulan from Jingle Ma. She goes home to her father and takes up being a woman again. 

Guess what for some of us family is more important than bureaucratic / military power.

thisismousemonth drunken extra


so when i drink i either answer asks or write voracious porn and guess who got drunk last night and didn’t answer asks

what i’m saying is i wrote porn so here you go

there are literally no redeeming qualities to this except to satisfy my drunken thirst


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My daughter has chosen the Dark Side

I’m crying.

Every time I encounter this video, I hit replay so many times it’s ridiculous.

The wife of the Queen’s watchdog!